Organic Mix Of Wholegrain Rices

Tricolor is a natural product for a complete, balanced diet rich in flavours. It is a combination of our three selected wholegrain rices, nicely mixed: Ribe Brown Wholegrain Rice, Nerone Black Wholegrain Rice, Rosso Red Wild Wholegrain Rice, the Special Selection is a very convenient tasty product.
It is ideal to prepare delicious risotti, tasty soups and also unusual salads, side dishes, fillings and puddings, or simply steamed or boiled and mixed with different sauces. It is a wholegrain mix and consequently its cooking time is 40 minutes, once cooked it could be stored in the fridge, its grains will keep loose and firm.

Valori Nutrizionali per 100g di prodotto

1,715 kJ / 409,7 kcal
2.40 g
85.10 g
8.80 g

500 g
Cooking time: 
40 min.