Aromatico Essenza Rice

For boiled rice, side-dishes, salads and exotic dishes. Obtained from the combination between a Thai rice variety and Pakistani basmati, the essenza rice, which is now grown also in Italy, is an aromatic rice variety releasing a natural aroma that can be smelled already in the fields during the ripening cycle and is similar to the fragrance of just-baked bread.
This characteristic makes it maybe unique and, in any case, loved and appreciated by anyone tasting it. To better enjoy its characteristics of tastiness and fragrance, it is recommended to eat it with butter or oil and Parmesan cheese or as a side-dish. It is excellent also for the preparation of rice salads.
"Thanks to the traditional stone husking and the meticulous selection process, this rice can boast the characteristics of tangible excellence of the "Extra Quality", awarded exclusively to products with less than 1/3 of the imperfections identified by law.”

Valori Nutrizionali per 100g di prodotto

1689 kJ / 397 kcal
0.50 g
90.60 g
7.50 g

500 g - 1 Kg
Cooking time: 
13 - 15 min.